Since its founding in 2008 by Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix, the ChartierDalix office has delivered some fifteen buildings. Noticed at several international competitions, it was awarded a number of prizes, among which the Première Œuvre du Moniteur prize in 2009, and the “40 under 40” European prize for young architects in 2012. The residence hall at the Porte des Lilas, Paris 20th, was nominated for the Equerre d’argent prize and the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2014. The office recently received the “Le Soufaché” prize, awarded by the French Academy of Architecture in recognition of its work as a whole.
Laureate in 2016 of the international Réinventer-Paris competition for the Ternes-Villiers site and in 2017 with the Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi Architecture and Hardel & Le Bihan Architectes) for the project “Demain Montparnasse,” the office masters a broad range of commissions and programs, both public, such as the La Courneuve train station of the Grand Paris Express, and private, notably several projects involving commercial properties, and hotels.
Seven projects are under way in 2020: two housing projects, two office complexes in Saint-Denis (93) and Bordeaux, a school complex in Lille, a 65,000 square meter tertiary campus in Saint-Ouen (93) and the new Grand Paris Express train station in La Courneuve (93).
The firm has delivered several projects recently, from the redevelopment of the Caserne de Lourcine (former barracks) in Paris 13th arrondissement for the University of Law Paris 1, 54 private housing units in Saint-Denis (93), the restructuring of the Renault design center in Guyancourt (78), the Tafanel warehouses, rue d’Aubervilliers in Paris 19th arrondissement, 24,200 m² of offices and businesses in the Zac Batignolles (Joint Development Zone Business Park) in Paris 17th arrondissement.
For the last several years, the research department of the office has undertaken work on the integration of the biosphere in architecture.
This theme was the inspiration for the project called “Architecture and Biodiversity: Imagining a new urban ecosystem,” which was selected under the framework of the request for proposals for the FAIRE project, launched by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.
The many investigations and analyses undertaken by the office, and the diversity of responses received concerning its buildings form an ensemble that reflects the evolution of contemporary living conditions. For this young team, architecture is envisaged as a built system combining the integration of the biosphere and poetry.
This website presents a selection of projects executed by the ChartierDalix firm between 2008 and 2018. They are divided into four sections according to their state of progress:



Our research is thoroughly intertwined with the act of construction: throughout our practice we strive to explore all that can be evolved in the built environment. These reflections take shape in our projects, each being the product of this relationship between the realms of open-thought, poetry and delivery.
      This careful method of analysis can at the same time produce surprising exchanges and results that impact in a particular manner our multidisciplinary works; and define themes, or systems, that enrich the entirety of the work in progress. Our current projects are the statement of this very research we conduct at the office.


Chartier Dalix architects is composed of 80 people. Through its projects, the office has worked on several types of programs and sites. Their projects reveal a marked sensitivity to the complexity of uses and contexts: they are always relevant, innovative and generous solutions in terms of both formal and programmatic consistency.

      Frédéric Chartier, architect dplg
      Pascale Dalix, architect dplg & dea urba
      Sophie Deramond, PhD, head of R&D
      Mickael Hassani, project leader
      Mathieu Terme, project leader

Project leaders
      Sébastien Chevance, Tomoko Karakawa

Project managers
      Jehanne Bouda, Patrick Bourgeois, Melaine David, Manon Dolbakian,  Nicolas Jentellet,
      Roxane Monthiers, Chloé Raillard

       François Adelis, Fleur Alliet, Cecil Barnes, Gabrielle Baujet, Héloïse Bocher, Farouq Bouhali,
       Felix Borel, Pauline Broquet, Hélène Canitrot, Aleja Castellanos, Roberta Castrogiovanni,
       Laetitia Chavanne, Baudoin Colcomb, Ronan Corcuff, Guillaume Cournut, Ulysse Daufresne,
       Louis Duperoux, Lara El Kurdi, Alice Florin, Pierre-Louis Fohr, Camille Foing, Romuald Fontaine,
       Olivier Genevoix, Camille Genoud, Osvaldo Gounon, Nicolas Grosperrin, Léa Irion,
       Arnaud Latran, Lucile Le Rouillé, Julie Leconte, Angela Lee, Robinson Lode, Claire Mallet, 
       Léo Marty, Nelly Meyer, Ariane Mischler, Tudor Neagu, Pierre Paillou,  Jean Renaud, Sofia Retana,
       Emma Rubeillon, Marion Surribas, Arnaud Thomas, Joseph Vincent, Sami Yakhlef,
       Chloé Zimmermann

Building site
       Frédéric Danne, Francesca Laura, Mickaël Peillet, Kristian Prela

       Delphine Lewandowski, Luca Serres

Design & Interior 
       Lancelot Goron, Mathilde Muller, Clémentine Vigouroux

       Alessandro Bellini, Claudio Canesso, Arnaud Maley, Victor Peteul, Walter Vicaire

      Louis Remy-Fourrier, Nicolas Yaouanc, Seongmoon Yoo

Communication & External Relations
       Margot Arrault, communication and development director
       Lara Eid, communication and development officer, Malo Jénin, graphic designer

       Alexandre Borsari, Operational director engineer and master HEC
       Nicolas Maes, Bim manager

       Florence Houis, Administrative and financial manager
       Carine Rodrigues, Accounting and management control
       Abibou Gaye, Accounting Assistant
       Sabrina Lopes, Human Resources and Office Manager
       Apolline Bory, Receptionist

Awards, exhibitions and conferences

– Jury Prize to the Frame Awards 2020, for the modernisation of the Lourcine barracks, Paris 13e
– Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix in conference at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, nov. 2019
– Contribution to the 3rd edition of the Biennale of Pisa, curated by Alfonso Femia, Italy, nov. 2019
– Nomination to the DAM Architecture Book Award 2019, for “Hosting life, Architecture as an ecosystem”, edited with Park Books
– Trophées Eiffel 2019, Steel Architecture Award, for the offices and retails spaces, Zac Clichy-Batignolles, Paris (17e)
– Frame Awards 2019, public prize, for Gabriel Péri housing in Saint-Denis, in the Co-living complex category
– German Design Award 2019, for the transformation of the Renault Design Centre in Guyancourt, category Architecture
– Nominated to the Equerre d’Argent 2018, with Brenac & Gonzalez, for the offices and retail spaces, ZAC Clichy-Batignolles in Paris 17e, category Activities
– Archi Design Club Award 2018 for the offices and retail spaces, ZAC Clichy-Batignolles in Paris 17e, category Tertiary
– « Le Soufaché » Award 2017 from The Academy of Architecture
– Trophy Archizinc 2016 with AvantPropos Architectes, for the Moulin college in Lille
– Trophy Archi Design Club 2016, the Rosalind-Franklin school in Ivry-sur-Seine
– Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015, with Avenier Cornejo for the young workers residence and crèche in Paris Porte des Lilas
– Nominated to the Equerre d’Argent 2014, with Avenier Cornejo category housing, for the young workers residence and crèche in Paris Porte des Lilas
– 40 Under 40 Prize, European prize of the Young Architecture 2012 session
– Première Oeuvre Prize 2009 for the bowling pitch structure in Meaux, Groupe Moniteur
– Pascale Dalix, as part of BioMim’Expo 4, with the thematic of the resilient and regenerative city, sept. 2019
– Pascale Dalix, conference ESTP, Make ma ville great again ! Ou quand les nouveaux modes de consultation réinventent la ville, nov. 2018
– Frédéric Chartier, Festival « La tête dans les étoiles » CAUE 94 in Ivry-sur-Seine, oct. 2018
– Pascale Dalix, 7th national congress on sustainable building, Biodiversity / Biomimetism, oct. 2018
– Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix, KM4 la ligne 16 rentre en piste La Courneuve, oct. 2018
– Sophie Deramond and Nicolas Maes, Bim world 2018,« Usages avancés du BIM et du Generative Design », march 2018
– Sophie Deramond and Florent Yvert (Biodiversita), Green roofs with ARB IDF, march 2018
– Pascale Dalix, «Réinvestir Paris» Forum Smart City, nov. 2017, Paris
– Frédéric Chartier, « Systèmes » ENSA Paris Malaquais, nov. 2017, Paris
– Frédéric Chartier, «Dezeen: talk about the future of Paris», Maison & Objet, sept. 2017, Paris
– Pascale Dalix and Frédéric Chartier, «Systèmes» for the Entretiens Chaillot, sept. 2017, Paris
– Pascale Dalix and Frédéric Chartier, «Les Architectes du Grand Paris Express», june 2017, Paris
– Pascale Dalix, « Du bâtiment vert aux villes biophiliques : l’après Réinventer Paris», nov. 2016, Paris
– Frédéric Chartier, Biennale of Sustainable Architecture, nov. 2016, Barcelone
– Intervention at the ENSA Paris-La Villette, oct. 2016, Paris
– Pascale Dalix and Frédéric Chartier « Architecture et biodiversité », sept. 2016, Natureparif, Paris
– Pascale Dalix’s conference in the jury at the ENSA Paris-La Villette, july 2016, Paris
– « Mercredi d’AS » conference, janv. 2016
– Conference at Architecture Studio, Paris
– « Rencontres Bétons! »’s conference, oct. 2014, Maison de l’architecture en Île-de-France
– Pascale Dalix and Sophie Deramond teaching at the Architecture School of Versailles 2012-2013
– Frédéric Chartier, teaching-assisting of Marc Mimram, École d’architecture de la ville & des territoires, Marne-la-Vallée (77)
– Intervention at the Harvard School of Architecture’s seminar, 2011
– Exhibition « Métamorphose de la Tour Montparnasse », sept / oct. 2017, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
– Exhibition « Social Housing » april/may 2017, Riba practice space, Londres
– Exhibition « Ré » feb /may 2016, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
– Exhibition « Sports, portrait d’une métropole » may / aug. 2014, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
– Exhibition « Le fabuleux destin du Nord-Est Parisien » april 2010, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
– Exhibition « KAMA SUTRA » feb. 2010, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris
– Festival « Printemps de Paroles » may 2009, Parc culturel de Rentilly (77)
– Exhibition « Dehors! Paris 2 » nov. 2008, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris
– Exhibition « Dehors! Paris » oct. 2007, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris
– Exhibition « Concours for the new TGI of Paris » march 2007, Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris
– Festival « Architectures Vives » june 2006, Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris
– Exhibition « Concours Privé de PLAN 01 » nov. 2006, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris

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