Conference at Pavillon de l’Arsenal on november 14

From matter to space

Like a thread that is pulled, the project carries a story. From the detail to the pleasure of living, working, learning, teaching, we unroll a common thread: the one that will allow the building to fulfil a social function, to cross-purpose, to foster alliances. To reconsider the inhabitant’s ability to live, to give each individual the freedom to adapt the space to his or her way of life, is to restore everyone’s responsibility in their own place.

It is about creating a framework that man can transform, model, so that he can slip into an available architecture. In this process there is a relationship to time (doing and observing), experience (trying and practicing) and humility (making mistakes and repeating them). As in the garden, nothing is definitive, it is evolution that shapes the space.

Every built space has a social function. We believe in the emergence of a common that is fostered by architecture.

Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix, october 2019

Conference on November 14 at 7pm, at Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

Free admission subject to availability

Photography: Sergio Grazia