Laureates of the competition “Destination Mérida”, Nice

The team led by the office Lambert Lénack and developed by Pitch Promotion, have won the consultative project Destination Mérida. The large-scale site “Destination Merida” aims to develop a programme that is at the heart of the ZAC Nice Mérida project. The operation organises around the public spaces and retail central to the new neighbourhood. The mixed programme of approximately 75% of housing, 10% of retail, 12% of hotels and 3% of offices, aim to create an attractive centre, animated and with a great urban and architectural quality.

Pitch Promotion, coordinationg developer/Eiffage Immobilier/SODES, management of retail spaces – Lambert Lénack, coordinating architect – Architectes : Sou Fujimoto, Chartier Dalix, Laisné-Roussel, Cino Zucchi, Anouk Matecki, Carta associés, et Alain Faragou paysagiste – Floor area: 71,650 m² NIA – Images: My Lucky Pixel