Chartier Dalix architects is composed of 60 people. Through its projects, the office has worked on several types of programs and sites. Their projects reveal a marked sensitivity to the complexity of uses and contexts: they are always relevant, innovative and generous solutions in terms of both formal and programmatic consistency.

      Frédéric Chartier, architect dplg
      Pascale Dalix, architect dplg & dea urba

Firm director
      Sophie Deramond, PhD, head of R&D

Operational director
      Alexandre Borsari, engineer et master HEC

Project leaders
      Sébastien Chevance, Mickael Hassani, Tomoko Karakawa , Mathieu Terme

Project managers
      Manon Dolbakian, Christophe Duchesne, Romain Granoux, Nicolas Jentellet, Chloé Raillard

       Jules Aumignon, Rémy Aznar, Cecil Barnes, Alexandre Barrère, Gabrielle Baujet, Jehanne Bouda, Sylvain Bourreau, Patrick Bourgeois, Felix Borel, Antoine Buton, Hélène Canitrot, Aleja Castellanos, Laetitia Chavanne, Guillaume Cournut, Frédéric Danne, Ulysse Daufresne, Melaine David, Frédéric El Bekkay, Timothée de Feraudy, Alice Florin, Pierre-Louis Fohr, Camille Foing, Romuald Fontaine, Camille Genoud, Nicolas Grosperrin, Angela Lee, Lucile Le Rouillé, Nicolas Maes, Claire Mallet, Tom Martin, Ariane Mischler, Roxane Monthiers, Mathilde Muller, Tudor Neagu, Pierre Paillou, Mariangela Pellerito, Lucille Perrin, Victor Peteul, Khanh-Duong Pham, Jean Renaud, Aline Spitzer, Arnaud Thomas, Joseph Vincent, Perrine Weissert

Site managers
      Frédéric Danne, Frédéric El Bekkay, Guillaume Cournut

Bim manager
      Nicolas Maes

Interior architecture
      Camille Foing, Tomoko Karakawa, Aline Spitzer

Research cluster
      Alexandre Barrère, Angela Lee, Joseph Vincent

3D cluster
      Victor Peteul, Claudio Canesso

Communication and Development
      Morgane Amiel, Lara Eid

      Florence Houis, administration manager
      Carine Rodrigues, accountant
      Sabrina Lopes, office manager
      Apolline Bory, receptionist